Registration Policy

Registration for the September 2018 through June 2019 school year begins on Monday, August 13th and ends on Thursday, September 6th. Registration is available at our Open House Registration August 13th & 14th from 4:00 - 8:00 p.m., or by mailing in the registration form with registration fee and the first installment payment by Thursday, September 6th. Without pre-registration your child’s placement in class and the confirmation of the class is not guaranteed. Classes start on Friday, September 7th, 2018.

Registration Policy

Registration for the September 2020 through June 2021 school year lasts through Monday, September 21st. Registration is available at our Open House Registration September 8th & 9th from 2:00 - 8:00 p.m., or by mailing in the registration form with registration fee and the first installment payment by Thursday, September 21st. Without pre-registration your child’s placement in class and the confirmation of the class is not guaranteed. Classes start on Monday, September 21st, 2020.

Payment Policy

When registering for a class division at Dance Centre North during the School Year and including the Summer Session, payment is due in full prior to the beginning of each installment. Once registered in the School you are liable for the full tuition payment due for the Year/Summer Session. If a student is unable to complete the Yearly Program/Summer Session due to health reasons a letter from your physician stating the students’ inability to participate for an extended period of time must be sent to the Director/School for non-liability of the full or remaining tuition due. A student’s place in class is held for them throughout the year or session, unless the School is notified of their withdrawal/inability to attend the School/Division registered for. There is a $25.00 non-refundable annual registration fee due when enrolling your child. If you are aware in advanced of previous commitments, obligations, health/injury occurrences, you are welcome to utilize the School’s make up policy. There are no refunds or pro-rating of classes. There will be a $30.00 service charge for any returned checks.  
It is required when Registering in the Upper Division’s (Intermediate 2nd year – Advanced) that mandatory  registration, participation and attendance in all classes in that division, is required throughout the year, or the students placement will be re-evaluated and changed. Students not taking all classes in their division, or that do not participate or take classes during Summer Studies either at DCN or at another recognized training school, will be subject to non-advancement  within the DCN curriculum levels, or limited non-performing status at the Directors discretion.  

Special Performances Policy

In December, CNY Arts Production of Dasher’s Magical  Gift Directed/Choreographed by Larry Crabtree, will celebrate its’ 7th Anniversary this year. Virtual program/performances are being discussed leading up to a previously videotaped performance that will be made available through CNY Arts. Selected students from Dance Centre North’s Upper Divisions will have the opportunity to perform/participate in any publicity created and with guidelines in place and adhered to per COVID-19. 

Additional Fall/Winter virtual and in-theatre Spring performances are being pursued and planned as developments are made with relation to COVID-19 Guidelines, CDC adherence and safety in place at all times.  

Due to travel restrictions with COVID-19 “The Moscow Ballet’s - Great Russian Nutcracker” will not be presenting in the United States during 2020. The tentative performance date for Syracuse, NY is Tuesday, December 14th, 2021 in the Crouse Hinds Theatre at Oncenter.

Dance Centre North is available for Corporate/Industrial/ Festival and Private Events. Please contact us for more information.

Attendance Policy

Due to illness or injury may be made up at the student’s convenience in another class time during the year, this applies also to classes cancelled due to inclement weather. Students in all levels within the school are required to take all the ballet classes in their division and are expected to arrive and participate in their classes on time, during the School Calendar Year and the Summer Session. Progress in class is dependent upon and the direct result of consistent participation in all classes in their level. Absences are considered excused only for medical reasons and must be phoned into the office. Classes maybe made up in your own level or the level below. If a student has excessive absences, a meeting will be held with the Director/Faculty and the student and parents, to review the Level placement and continued training of the student. Be advised that casting for community performances and Dance Centre North productions are based on attendance, ability and consistent class participation in the student’s level and is dependent upon the Director/Faculty decision.

Promptness Policy

Training in dance requires great concentration and focus, it is difficult for both the individual and the group when a student comes in late. Running late is sometimes unavoidable, however for the safety of your child and their training, please be prompt. It is important to remember to allow time to change clothes and use the restroom before class. It is not safe to dance without warming up; therefore, any dancer Intermediate or above arriving more than 15 minutes late will not be allowed to participate in class. She/he will be only allowed to watch class and then make it up at a later date.

School Closing/Changes Policy

In the event the School needs to close due to inclement weather or other emergency situations, notification will be done through various options: Telephone calls will be placed, a message will be recorded on the school answering machine, Internet sites for local broadcasting stations will be notified and our Facebook status will be modified.

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