Classical Ballet

A dance form that concentrates on purity of line and elegance of carriage. With consistent training, the ballet class serves to foster strength and flexibility, while cultivating musicality and fluidity of movement.


A class that exposes the dancer to the classical ballet solos/repertoire as preparation for use on the professional stage. These classes are incorporated into the curriculum on a regular basis.

Pas De Deux

Partnering skills necessary for a ballet student’s complete training. Entrance into this class is at the discretion of the Director. Only students from the advanced division level taking all ballet, conditioning and modern classes are eligible.


A class designed for 5 and 6 year old children, with the emphasis on developing the joy of movement through the basic ballet exercises, positions, steps and terminology.

Creative Movement

An early movement class for 3 and 4 year olds emphasizing rhythm, coordination, motor skill development, flexibility and stimulating the imagination.


A dynamic form of dance focusing on rhythm, expression and style. Various forms of Jazz dance including Theatre Dance are taught concentrating on coordination, technique and stage presence.

Musical Theatre Jazz

Is a style class based on the eras of the Broadway Theatre from the 1920’s to present. Students apply jazz fundamentals to Broadway inspired choreography from a variety of musicals and genres.

Modern / Contemporary

Structured with a body conditioning/modern technique warm up. Modern is an interpretive form of dance with its origins in natural body movement and improvisation. This class is required to all dancers in the Upper Divisions to enhance their overall training and for continuing dance in College.


Style of American theatrical dance using precise rhythmical patterns of foot movement which can produce varied sounds when using a variety of music compositions.

Body Conditioning

A class designed to complement the overall training of a dancer focusing on parallel and turned out exercises, core work, stretch and toning exercises developed to assist in injury prevention.
Dance Centre North Class times are subject to change/cancellation based on class enrollment. A minimum of 6 registered students are required to hold each class.

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