Dance Attire

Ballet (Girls): Solid black leotard (no multiple strap backs please), pink tights and pink ballet slippers (elastics sewn to shoes - not tied) for Ballet levels Children’s Beginning through Advanced.

Pre-ballet may wear any solid color leotard with pink tights and pink ballet slippers.

Ballet (Boys): White t-shirt (preferably form fitting), black tights with black ballet slippers (elastic sewn to shoes - not tied).

Modern, Jazz, Theatre Dance, Tap: Any solid color leotard and footless tights.

Tap students please wear tights with feet or convertibles. Tan buckle tap shoes with a low heel, for beginning tap students.

Hair must be worn up into a bun. Short hair must be secured away from the face. No excessive jewelry, leg or thigh warmers, shorts, t-shirts, skirts or sweat pants may be worn during class.

No cell phones in the studio!

All dance supplies may be purchased at:

The Turning Pointe
747 North Salina Street
Syracuse, NY 13208

Please label all of your child’s dance clothing, particularly the shoes. Unlabeled dance wear is hard to return.

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