A Letter

From the Director

For over 35 years, Dance Centre North - located in Syracuse, New York, has served the Central New York Community as a superb training ground for young dancers. Dance Centre North offers Classical Ballet - Pas de deux - Variations - Jazz - Musical Theatre – Tap - Conditioning and Modern/Contemporary Dance Classes. We are a  school dedicated to aspiring students striving for excellence in artistry and the pure joy of movement. Dance Centre North is supported by a professional, proven and experienced faculty and offers numerous performing opportunities for their students throughout the year.

Classical Ballet is at the core of Dance Centre North’s education in dance training, the School encompasses elements of the Vaganova, Cecchetti and Royal Ballet techniques, with 10 levels in the curriculum purposefully intended to encourage incremental growth sufficient for the  student’s age and physical development. To ensure our students' progression Dance Centre North provides year-round classes including a Summer Studies Program which is vital for mastering the technical training of a dancer.

The dedicated staff at Dance Centre North develops and reinforces the talents of their students enabling them to gain technical and performance expertise needed for the stage. The rewards of this training are not only graceful and strong dancers, but young  people able to use the skills they have acquired while training in dance, in both their academic education and in other future endeavors. Disciplining their minds and bodies while incorporating the etiquette of a ballet classroom, results in a well-mannered and respectful environment.

In this nurturing environment students enhance their cognitive skills, attention capacities, memory abilities and sensory awareness, as well as mature physically, emotionally and socially. In addition, your child will develop teamwork skills as they cooperate with their classmates toward a common goal. These are the overall benefits of dance on a developing child, which are a necessity for life skills and academic development.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Dance!

 “And I hope you dance!!”

Cathy Napolitano Mucci


Welcome to the Dance Centre North family.

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