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Classical Ballet

Classical Ballet is at the core of Dance Centre North’s education in dance training. The School encompasses elements of the Vaganova, Cecchetti and Royal Ballet techniques, with 10 levels in the curriculum purposefully intended to encourage incremental growth sufficient for the student’s age, maturity, and physical development.

Summer Studies

Registration is open now for the Summer session that runs from July 8th - August 8th.
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Summer Camp Blast

Offering a little bit of everything including Classical Ballet, Theatre Dance, Tap, Character Dance, Arts and Crafts and daily screening of special dance DVD's
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The Benefits of Dance

The dedicated staff at Dance Centre North develops and reinforces the talents of all our students. They encourage graceful and strong dancers and also young people with skills that extend beyond the stage. In this nurturing environment students enhance their cognitive skills, attention, memory and sensory awareness, as well as mature physically, emotionally and socially.

Our Instructors

Cathy Napolitano Mucci, Director
Candy Costa Aguilera, Bradley Benjamin-Stone, Samantha Burak, Larry Crabtree,
Maryann Iannettone, Lindsey LaDue, Julie Lombardi, Brianna Macri, Brianna Rossi.


Our Curriculum

Classical Ballet, Variations, Pas De Deux, Pre-Ballet, Creative Movement, Jazz, Musical Theatre Jazz, Modern & Contemporary, Tap, Body Conditioning


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